GCSE Breakfast Revision 2022

I have created some GCSE Breakfast Revision resources based on the Edexcel Advanced Information – these are based on those created by Jo Morgan (@resourceaholic). You can find the originals here.

The 2022 versions can be downloaded below – either as a PDF or an editable version. There are four different levels of difficulty – two Higher, and two Foundation.

The plan will be to create similar sets of questions for Paper 2 and Paper 3 – so watch this space!

GCSE Breakfast Revision (PDF)

GCSE Breakfast Revision (doc)

Generating Self-Marking Maths Quizzes

I’ve been using OneNote for various things over the past 8 months or so – one feature I have recently discovered is that it can be used to generate self-marking Maths quizzes. These are automatically created in Forms and can be shared with students directly, providing a super quick way of gaining some insight into how students are getting on. Usual disclaimers – the questions (and incorrect answers generated) are not going to be as well-designed as they could be, and for that reason, I’d probably veer away from this when introducing classes to a topic for the first time. That said, as another tool to take advantage of – I think this certainly has its place!

Here’s how.

  1. Open up OneNote for Windows 10. Handwrite (I use my tablet here) or type in some Maths.

2. Select everything you’ve just written – I would use the ‘Lasso Select’ tool here.

3. Select your Maths, then click the ‘Maths’ button on the Draw bar.

4. This screen should appear. Clicking Ink to Maths will transform your handwriting into a beautifully typed equation! Then click ‘Select an Action.’ Depending on what you’ve typed, you’ll have a number of options appear. (e.g. Differentiate w.r.t x, Evaluate, Factor, Solve for x).

5. Select ‘Solve for x‘.

6. This where it gets exciting – you’ll have an option to ‘Generate Practice Quiz.’

7. Select that button – this screen will appear. Choose how many questions you’d like.

8. Generate the quiz! This will automatically embed itself within your OneNote page, as below.

At this point, the OneNote page can be distributed to students using Class Notebook. Alternatively, you can copy the link to the quiz and send to students directly. To view results, visit forms.office.com.

Hope this is helpful!